We are on our way to a historic moment in the life of Blessed Trinity Parish, Blessed Trinity Sports and the entire Rockaway Point Community. Join Us!

Welcome to Blessed Trinity Sports

Let's see how everyone is doing. Team Reports and Standings

"Life gradually becomes a surrender to situations conditioned by technology”
- Pope Francis

“Everyone who wants to join in sports should be welcomed, he said, “not just the best, but everyone, with the advantages and limitations that everyone has, indeed, focusing on the most disadvantaged, as did Jesus.” - Pope Francis

Our Core Principals

To encourage our young men and women toward Christian leadership, growth in social awareness, and development of sound Christian values

To encourage spiritual growth in order to foster the total development of participants and influence the formation of Christian values

To encourage fairness, compassion, truth and cooperation through recreational activities

To encourage cooperation and community; each participant, coach, official, and volunteer will work together to bring our Gospel’s vision and values to life

To encourage and challenge our youth to participate and serve those more needy in their parish and community

To encourage the growth of each participant , to nurture a positive spirit, and avoid a ‘win at all costs’ attitude

To encourage dignity of person, accepting one another with respect, patience, kindness and understanding

To encourage sportsmanship and self-control in the face of adversity

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